HiveMind Groups

Announcing HiveMind Group Opportunities for 2020

I am very excited to announce a new HiveMind Groupfor the upcoming year.  This group will have in-person and virtual options. HiveMinds are an amazing way to share ideas, support, and inspiration from peers who are working on similar issues as you.  Don’t struggle in a silo! Use the hive-mind and turbo charge your progress.

Solopreneur HiveMind

Whether you are working in the gig economy as a freelancer, have a private practice, or have a small business without other employees you are a solopreneur with a whole set of challenges specific to you. And one of the biggest challenges is making it all happen alone. That is why the support and brainstorming power of HiveMind Groups can be especially powerful.  

Reap the best of both worlds by using the power of the group to guide your decision making around your solo business. 

This 6 month group will be designed for 8 solopreneurs. The intimate size will allow each member to connect at a meaningful level to share their challenges as well as support those of fellow Hive members.

Each week we will meet for 90 minutes. Time will move quickly from the introduction of a relevant topic from the leader for the week, to personal sharing about challenges and goals.  Commitments will be made to move your business ahead and follow up actions will be shared. We will transition from a large group, to pairs, and then smaller groups to ensure personal connections and the greatest opportunity to benefit from each other’s wisdom.

Each 12 week session will cover possible topics such as

  • Issues of working alone/from home
  • Marketing
  • Systems
  • Scaling 
  • Support systems (health insurance, retirement plans, etc. for the solopreneur)
  • Funding

I will also leave at least 2 open sessions to cover topics brought forward by the group as we progress. 

What You Will Receive

As a Solopreneur HiveMind member you will receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive membership in our intimate, 8 person HiveMind
  • 12 90-minute group sessions over the course of 6 months.
  • Access to our member-only forum for discussions between groups
  • Access to our password protected library of related reading material
  • 50% off one hour individual coaching session (at your request) with Carmen Bolanos Ph,D, CMC (group leader)
  • The most important benefit – access to the thoughts and support of 7 other solopreneurs like yourself, ready and willing to boost your business!

What We Require from You

Membership in the Solopreneur HiveMind is a commitment. The success of the group will depend on the members of the hive. Here is what we will look for in our members:

  • Verified Solopreneurs. You will be asked to complete an application showing that you are, in fact, a solopreneur so that we can assure a good fit with our group.
  • Commitment. We will expect prompt and faithful attendance at each meeting. These meetings will move very quickly so being on time will be important. Every minute will be valuable and our members will be counting on your presence.
  • Positive and giving attitude. Our group success depends on members to be good listeners and positive support to each other in the success of all members.

Financial Investment

Group membership in our 6 month program is $840.00.  That is $140 per month for 3 hours of group coaching plus access to a 24-7 forum, reading material and an opportunity for a 1/2 price individual session at your request.

When and Where?

I will be initially offering two options for this group. One will be an in-person option, the other will be virtual. Participants may choose either the in-person or the online option upon registration. A minimum of 6 participants will be needed for the group to form, so please spread the word! We will launch both groups in mid January, 2020.

In-Person HiveMind:

 Our in-person group will be held in between Oak Hill and Dripping Springs, TX along 290W We will meet during lunch time (12 noon – 1:30) on a weekday twice monthly.  The exact location and weekday will be decided after hearing participant feedback as to their schedules. The group will launch mid January 2020.

Online HiveMind:

Our online HIveMind group meet at 11:00 am-12:30 pm Central Time on a weekday twice monthly. We will be using video conferencing technology with the capability of break out grouping for smaller group conversations. The exact weekday will be determined after hearing participant feedback as to their schedules. The group will launch mid January 2020.

Apply Now!

Complete our application form below to be included in our 2020 Solopreneur HiveMind.  After a brief review to ensure a good fit, you will be sent details on payment and confirmation of your membership.