Underrepresented Academics

WStackofBookshether you are new to academia, a tenured professor, or have moved into administration, a coaching relationship can help you understand your unique strengths, challenges, and how to create a career and life plan that is reflective of your values.

Academia in western culture has a long history of being predominated by males of the majority group.  As a member of an underrepresented group, you face unique challenges when entering this field.  It will be important to observe, understand, and navigate  your career as objectively as possible, maintaining a strong stance for your rights while also evaluating your own performance. Some of the challenges you face might include experiences such as:

  • You are keenly aware that your experience of a situation is quite different from  your colleagues but are frustrated that when you voice yourself you are either not heard or misunderstood.
  • You sense that your advancement may be hindered by not being part of the majority but the evidence is not overt. How do you get an objective viewpoint as to what is happening in these dynamics?
  • You feel that your ideas are often overlooked and notice that when majority colleagues come to your defense, they are heard by the group but once again, you are not.

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