Carmen Bolanos Coaching will work with you in a structured program designed specifically for academia.

We begin our coaching relationship exploring your current status in teaching, research/publication and service.  You will measure your own levels of performance in 10 career areas.

Using either the DISC or Winslow Personality Profile we will take an in depth look at what you bring to the  table in terms of temperament and behaviors.  We will also look closely at your personal values.

With an assessment of “what you do”, “what you bring”, and “what you value” we will then begin devising both short and long term goals.

You will leave with specific action steps to take your career and personal goals  to new heights.  You will also leave with a plan for creating a support structure to carry you into the future.

As a client of Carmen Bolanos Coaching you will have:

  • Access to your coach via telephone or Skype for your scheduled appointments.  You can also access your coach by email for brief communication between calls.
  • Access to our upcoming password protected community where you may interact with other academics like yourself.
  • Access to an ever growing library of readings, links, and videos on topics specifically for women and underrepresented academics.

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