Mission, Vision, and Values 2022


Carmen Bolanos Coaching acts as a “secret weapon” for truly extraordinary trailblazing professionals to develop their leadership skills and business strategies by providing a confidential, supportive, and challenging space in which to use introspection and strategic brainstorming towards new levels of achievement.


I envision serving an ever growing number of professionals who understand the value of consistent dedication to self improvement, and the integral role of a coaching relationship in that development. As we grow, we envision serving not only through individual coaching but also through group coaching



  1. The sanctity of the coach/client relationship as a unique space in which the client can be seen as a whole being teeming with the ability to grow.
  2. Service to the world through the development of extraordinary individuals ready to make ever more positive contributions to society.
  3. The power of a strong human relationship to provide the needed support, challenge, and nurture needed to create truly strong leaders who are capable and resilient.