How I Can Help

Carmen Bolanos Coaching will work with you in a structured program for high achieving professionals.   You will begin with a self assessment of your current performance in 10 areas of your position and/or personal life.  These areas will be rated against your “ideal situation” scenario.

Using the PRO-D Assessment (see description video below) or Winslow Personality Profile you will discover how your motivators, competencies, and style may contribute to your current performance.  To complete the picture we will then take an assessment of your personal values to discuss how your current roles are in or out of alignment for you.

After studying the three key areas of “what you bring”, “what you do” and “what you value” we will design both short and long term goals that will help you achieve greater advancement while fostering an integrated sense of your self spanning both your professional and personal life.

Your plan will be motivating and naturally achievable for you.

As a client of Carmen Bolanos Coaching you will have:

  • Access to your coach via telephone or Skype for your scheduled appointments.  You can also access your coach by email for brief communication between calls.
  • Access to our upcoming password protected community where you may interact with other executives like yourself.
  • Access to an ever growing library of readings, links, and videos on topics specifically for executives.

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Take a look at what the PRO-D Assessment can offer

What is the PRO-D from PRO-D on Vimeo.